Species Links

Most of the links on the Plant List and some of those on the Weed List are to PlantNet, a web site maintained by the Sydney Botanic Gardens Trust.

This has been used for determining the current name of the plant on our list. Thus, for example, "Dendrobium kingianum" has been used rather than "Thelychiton kingianus". However on the PlantNet page for a species there is a list of "Synonyms" which give other possible names.

The PlantNet page for a species also lists common names, distribution in NSW and has a sketch showing the principal features of the plant. On some of the pages there is also a photo. In some cases by clicking on the photo a larger image will be obtained.

By clicking on the Genus a key for this genus will be found with links to the species which occur in NSW. Clicking on the Family will also give a key to the Genera in the Family with links to each of their keys.


On the Plant list the Photos are ones in the Australian National Botanic Gardens Australian Plant Image Index. Not all species have a photo in this index. However the aim is "to have a good quality coloured slide of every Australian native plant represented in the Australian Plant Image Index". There is an emphasis on "accurate botanical naming of the plants" rather than "pretty pictures".

In some cases the index has several images of a plant. In these cases only one image has been linked to our Plant List. However searches for plants in the index may be undertaken using this link.

Weed List Links

In most cases the link given has been judged the best one for getting a good photograph and/or description of the weed. There are many good links to lists of weeds on the web. Some are for weed lists outside Australia but there are some good Australian Links. Two examples with are worth looking at are the Weeds of the Blue Mountains Bushland and the one maintained by the NSW Department of Primary Industries about declared noxious weeds. (Of course many weeds are enviromental weeds but not declared noxious.) Another site with good photos of common worldwide weeds is Common Invasive Plants of the World maintained by the International Environmental Weed Foundation.