All taxa collected in a 10 km radius around CARGO

The plants listed here are drawn from the Locality List for Cargo (10 km radius) on the Sydney Botanic Gardens website PlantNet.
Photos are from the Australian National Botanic Gardens Australian Plants Image Index website.
Where there are subspecies sometimes the species link in Plantnet has a link to the subspecies.
The Image index link may also have photos of subspecies or varieties but they they can also be found by searching for them directly on the ANBG Image website.

Family Genus & Species Subspecies etc Common Names Synonymns Other Data Photos
Amaranthaceae Amaranthus hybrid retroflexus introduced Photo(s)
Amaranthaceae Amaranthus hybridus Slim Amaranth introduced Photo(s)
Amaranthaceae Ptilotus erubescens Hairy Heads, Hairy Tails No Photos Found
Asparagaceae Arthropodium fimbriatum Nodding Chocolate Lily Dichopogon fimbriatus, Dichopogon sieberianus, Dichopogon fimbriatum Photo(s)
Asphodelaceae Dianella tasmanica Tasman Flax-lily Photo(s)
Asteraceae Centaurea melitensis Maltese Cockspur, Cockspur Thistle, Saucy Jack introduced Photo(s)
Asteraceae Vittadinia cuneata var. cuneata Fuzzweed Photo(s)
Basellaceae Anredera cordifolia Madeira Vine, Lamb's Tail, Jalap, Potato Vine introduced gazetted weed Photo(s)
Boraginaceae Hackelia suaveolens Photo(s)
Cactaceae Opuntia sp. sensu I.Telford (1984) gazetted weed Photo(s)
Campanulaceae Wahlenbergia luteola Photo(s)
Convolvulaceae Dichondra repens Kidney Weed, Yilibili (D'harawal) Photo(s)
Cucurbitaceae Citrullus amarus Wild Melon, Camel Melon, Bitter Melon Citrullus lanatus, Citrullus lanatus introduced Photo(s)
Cupressaceae Callitris glaucophylla White Cypress Pine Callitris hugelii auct. non Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Bossiaea hybrid buxifolia No Photos Found
Fabaceae-Faboideae Hovea lanceolata Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Medicago minima Woolly Burr Medic Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Trifolium resupinatum Shaftal Clover introduced Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia leucoclada subsp. leucoclada Northern Silver Wattle Racosperma leucocladum Photo(s)
Geraniaceae Geranium molle Cranesbill Geranium introduced Photo(s)
Geraniaceae Geranium retrorsum Common Cranesbill Photo(s)
Goodeniaceae Goodenia pinnatifida Photo(s)
Juncaceae Juncus subsecundus Photo(s)
Lamiaceae Prostanthera sp. Photo(s)
Loranthaceae Amyema miquelii Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus blakelyi subsp. blakelyi Blakely's Red Gum Eucalyptus blakelyi Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus blakelyi var. irrorata Blakely's Red Gum Eucalyptus blakelyi Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus bridgesiana Apple Box Eucalyptus saxicola, Eucalyptus stuartiana, Eucalyptus bridgesiana Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus dealbata Tumbledown Red Gum Eucalyptus tereticornis Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus dives Broad-leaved Peppermint Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus nortonii Bundy Eucalyptus cordieri Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus viminalis Ribbon Gum, Manna Gum Photo(s)
Ophioglossaceae Ophioglossum lusitanicum subsp. coriaceum Adders Tongue, Common Adder's Tongue Ophioglossum lusitanicum, Ophioglossum coriaceum Photo(s)
Orobanchaceae Orobanche minor introduced Photo(s)
Poaceae Austrostipa nodosa Photo(s)
Poaceae Poa fordeana No Photos Found
Poaceae Poa sieberiana Photo(s)
Poaceae Rytidosperma caespitosum Ringed Wallaby Grass Austrodanthonia caespitosa, Danthonia caespitosa, Danthonia varia Photo(s)
Poaceae Rytidosperma erianthum Photo(s)
Poaceae Rytidosperma pilosum Smooth-flower Wallaby Grass Austrodanthonia pilosa, Danthonia pilosa Photo(s)
Rubiaceae Galium divaricatum Slender Bedstraw Galium parisiense, Galium parisiense introduced Photo(s)
Santalaceae Santalum lanceolatum Northern Sandalwood Santalum megacarpum, Santalum leptocladum, Santalum lanceolatum Photo(s)
Violaceae Viola odorata Sweet Violet introduced Photo(s)