All taxa collected in a 10 km radius around OCONNELL

The plants listed here are drawn from the Locality List for Oconnell (10 km radius) on the Sydney Botanic Gardens website PlantNet.
Photos are from the Australian National Botanic Gardens Australian Plants Image Index website.
Where there are subspecies sometimes the species link in Plantnet has a link to the subspecies.
The Image index link may also have photos of subspecies or varieties but they they can also be found by searching for them directly on the ANBG Image website.

Family Genus & Species Subspecies etc Common Names Synonymns Other Data Photos
Apiaceae Platysace ericoides Photo(s)
Araceae Wolffia australiana Photo(s)
Asparagaceae Arthropodium strictum Chocolate Lily Dichopogon strictus, Dichopogon strictum, Dichopogon stricta Photo(s)
Asteraceae Centaurea melitensis Maltese Cockspur, Cockspur Thistle, Saucy Jack introduced Photo(s)
Asteraceae Centipeda minima subsp. minima Spreading Sneezeweed Photo(s)
Asteraceae Cineraria lyratiformis African Marigold Cineraria lyrata introduced Photo(s)
Asteraceae Craspedia variabilis common billy buttons Photo(s)
Asteraceae Dimorphotheca sp. introduced No Photos Found
Asteraceae Olearia ramulosa Twiggy Daisy-bush Olearia ramulosa, Olearia ramulosa, Olearia ramulosa Photo(s)
Asteraceae Onopordum acanthium Scotch Thistle introduced Photo(s)
Asteraceae Ozothamnus diosmifolius rice flower, white dogwood, pill flower, sago bush Helichrysum diosmifolium Photo(s)
Asteraceae Senecio phelleus No Photos Found
Boraginaceae Amsinckia intermedia Common Fiddleneck introduced Photo(s)
Campanulaceae Wahlenbergia communis Tufted Bluebell Photo(s)
Casuarinaceae Allocasuarina diminuta subsp. diminuta Photo(s)
Casuarinaceae Allocasuarina verticillata Drooping Sheoak Casuarina stricta, Casuarina quadrivalvis Photo(s)
Casuarinaceae Casuarina cunninghamiana subsp. cunninghamiana River Oak, River Sheoak Photo(s)
Cyperaceae Lepidosperma gunnii Photo(s)
Droseraceae Drosera auriculata Photo(s)
Droseraceae Drosera hookeri Photo(s)
Ericaceae-Epacridoideae Melichrus urceolatus subsp. group 2 Urn-heath Photo(s)
Ericaceae-Epacridoideae Styphelia triflora Pink Five-Corners Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Daviesia leptophylla Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Dillwynia cinerascens Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Dillwynia phylicoides Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Dillwynia sp. Yetholme (P.C.Jobson 5080) Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Glycine clandestina Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Oxylobium pulteneae Wiry Shaggy Pea Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Pultenaea procumbens Coxs River Bush-pea Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Pultenaea sp. No Photos Found
Fabaceae-Faboideae Pultenaea sp. Mount Canobolas (R.Coveny 4191b) No Photos Found
Fabaceae-Faboideae Pultenaea villosa Bronze Bush-pea, Hairy Bush-pea Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia dawsonii poverty wattle, Dawson's wattle, mitta wattle Racosperma dawsonii Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia dealbata subsp. dealbata silver wattle, blue wattle, mimosa Racosperma dealbatum, Racosperma dealbatum, Acacia puberula, Acacia decurrens, Acacia decurrens Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia difformis drooping wattle Racosperma difforme Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia genistifolia early wattle, spreading wattle Acacia diffusa, Acacia cuspidata, Acacia prostrata, Racosperma genistifolium, Acacia daviesioides Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia genistifolia early wattle, spreading wattle Acacia diffusa, Acacia cuspidata, Acacia prostrata, Racosperma genistifolium, Acacia daviesioides Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia gladiiformis sword wattle Racosperma gladiiforme Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia gunnii ploughshare wattle Acacia vomeriformis, Racosperma gunnii, Acacia gunnii Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia hybrid buxifolia No Photos Found
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia hybrid buxifolia subsp. buxifolia No Photos Found
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia hybrid implexa No Photos Found
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia lanigera woolly wattle, hairy wattle Racosperma lanigerum Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia lanigera var. lanigera woolly wattle, hairy wattle Racosperma lanigerum Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia leucolobia Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia pendula weeping myall, boree Racosperma pendulum Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia penninervis var. penninervis mountain hickory Racosperma penninerve, Racosperma penninerve, Acacia impressa, Acacia penninervis Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia ulicifolia prickly Moses Racosperma ulicifolium, Acacia juniperina, Acacia verticillata, Mimosa juniperina Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia vestita weeping boree Racosperma vestitum Photo(s)
Geraniaceae Pelargonium australe Native Storksbill, Wild Geranium Photo(s)
Goodeniaceae Goodenia bellidifolia subsp. bellidifolia Photo(s)
Haloragaceae Gonocarpus tetragynus Photo(s)
Juncaceae Juncus filicaulis Photo(s)
Juncaceae Juncus homalocaulis No Photos Found
Juncaceae Juncus sarophorus Photo(s)
Juncaceae Juncus subsecundus Photo(s)
Lamiaceae Mentha diemenica Slender Mint Mentha diemenica Photo(s)
Lamiaceae Salvia verbenaca Vervain Salvia clandestina, Salvia horminoides introduced Photo(s)
Malvaceae Modiola caroliniana Red-flowered Mallow introduced Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Calytrix tetragona common fringe-myrtle Calytrix flavescens, Calytrix sullivanii, Calytrix ericoides Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus blakelyi subsp. blakelyi Blakely's Red Gum Eucalyptus blakelyi Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus blakelyi var. irrorata Blakely's Red Gum Eucalyptus blakelyi Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus dealbata Tumbledown Red Gum Eucalyptus tereticornis Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus hybrid goniocalyx No Photos Found
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus hybrid macrorhyncha & rossii No Photos Found
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus hybrid mannifera subsp. praecox No Photos Found
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus mannifera subsp. mannifera Brittle Gum Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus melliodora Yellow Box Eucalyptus melliodora, Eucalyptus forsythii Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus polyanthemos subsp. polyanthemos Red Box Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus racemosa Narrow-leaved Scribbly Gum, Snappy Gum Eucalyptus haemastoma, Eucalyptus haemastoma, Eucalyptus sclerophylla, Eucalyptus haemostoma, Eucalyptus micrantha, Eucalyptus micrantha Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus rossii Inland Scribbly Gum, White Gum Eucalyptus racemosa Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus viminalis Ribbon Gum, Manna Gum Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Caladenia clavigera Clubbed Spider Orchid, Small Spider Orchid, Plain-lip Spider Orchid Arachnorchis clavigera No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Caladenia cucullata Hooded Caladenia Stegostyla cucullata Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Caladenia fuscata Dusky Fingers Petalochilus fuscatus, Caladenia carnea Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Caladenia phaeoclavia Brown-clubbed Spider Orchid Arachnorchis phaeoclavia, Calonema phaeoclavium, Calonemorchis phaeoclavia Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Caleana major Large Duck Orchid Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Cyanicula caerulea Blue Caladenia, Blue Fairy Caladenia caerulea, Cyanicula caerulea, Caladenia caerulea Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Diuris pardina Leopard Orchid Diuris maculosissima Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Eriochilus hybrid cucullatus complex No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Genoplesium archeri Variable Midge Orchid Prasophyllum archeri, Corunastylis archeri No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Genoplesium sagittiferum No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Glossodia major Waxlip Orchid Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Microtis parviflora Slender Onion Orchid Microtis bipulvinaris Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Microtis unifolia Common Onion Orchid Microtis porrifolia, Microtis aemula Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Prasophyllum brevilabre Short-lipped Leek Orchid Prasophyllum lutescens No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Pterostylis aciculiformis Slender Ruddyhood Oligochaetochilus aciculiformis, Pterostylis pusilla, Pterostylis rufa No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Pterostylis hybrid reflexa No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Pterostylis macrosepala No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Pterostylis parca No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Pterostylis parviflora Tiny Greenhood Speculantha parviflora No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Pterostylis tenuis No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Thelymitra carnea Tiny Sun Orchid, Pink Sun Orchid Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Thelymitra peniculata No Photos Found
Orobanchaceae Orobanche minor introduced Photo(s)
Pittosporaceae Bursaria spinosa subsp. lasiophylla Blackthorn, Boxthorn, Sweet Bursaria, Kurwan (D'harawal) Photo(s)
Plantaginaceae Veronica perfoliata Digger's Speedwell Derwentia perfoliata, Parahebe perfoliata Photo(s)
Poaceae Austrostipa densiflora Photo(s)
Poaceae Bromus rubens Red Brome introduced Photo(s)
Poaceae Cenchrus longisetus Feathertop, White Foxtail Pennisetum villosum, Pennisetum longistylum, Cenchrus villosus introduced gazetted weed Photo(s)
Poaceae Chloris virgata Feathertop Rhodes Grass introduced Photo(s)
Poaceae Holcus lanatus Yorkshire Fog introduced Photo(s)
Poaceae Phragmites australis Common Reed Phragmites communis Photo(s)
Poaceae Rytidosperma pallidum Silvertop Wallaby Grass, Redanther Wallaby Grass Joycea pallida, Chionochloa pallida, Danthonia pallida Photo(s)
Poaceae Rytidosperma richardsonii Straw Wallaby-grass, Wallaby Grass Austrodanthonia richardsonii, Danthonia richardsonii No Photos Found
Polygonaceae Persicaria prostrata Creeping Knotweed Polygonum prostratum Photo(s)
Polygonaceae Persicaria strigosa Spotted Knotweed Polygonum strigosum Photo(s)
Proteaceae Hakea decurrens subsp. decurrens Photo(s)
Proteaceae Persoonia linearis Narrow-leaved Geebung Photo(s)
Rhamnaceae Cryptandra amara Bitter cryptandra Cryptandra amara, Cryptandra sieberi, Cryptandra amara Photo(s)
Rhamnaceae Cryptandra sp. Floriferous (W.R.Barker 4131) Photo(s)
Rosaceae Pyracantha angustifolia Orange Firethorn introduced Photo(s)
Rubiaceae Galium gaudichaudii Rough Bedstraw Photo(s)
Salicaceae Salix hybrid x fragilis introduced gazetted weed No Photos Found
Santalaceae Omphacomeria acerba Photo(s)
Sapindaceae Dodonaea viscosa subsp. spatulata/subsp. cuneata Sticky Hop-bush Photo(s)
Solanaceae Solanum opacum Green berry nightshade No Photos Found
Solanaceae Solanum triflorum Three-flowered Nightshade introduced Photo(s)
Verbenaceae Verbena bonariensis Purpletop Verbena bonariensis, Verbena bonariensis introduced Photo(s)
Violaceae Melicytus dentatus Tree Violet Hymenanthera dentata Photo(s)