All taxa collected in a 10 km radius around WELLINGTON

The plants listed here are drawn from the Locality List for Wellington (10 km radius) on the Sydney Botanic Gardens website PlantNet.
Photos are from the Australian National Botanic Gardens Australian Plants Image Index website.
Where there are subspecies sometimes the species link in Plantnet has a link to the subspecies.
The Image index link may also have photos of subspecies or varieties but they they can also be found by searching for them directly on the ANBG Image website.

Family Genus & Species Subspecies etc Common Names Synonymns Other Data Photos
Adoxaceae Sambucus australasica Native Elderberry, Yellow Elderberry, Native Elder Sambucus australasicus Photo(s)
Adoxaceae Sambucus gaudichaudiana White Elderberry Photo(s)
Aizoaceae Tetragonia tetragonoides New Zealand Spinach, Native Spinach, Warrigal Greens Tetragonia tetragonioides, Tetragonia expansa, Demidovia tetragonoides Photo(s)
Amaranthaceae Alternanthera nana Hairy Joyweed Photo(s)
Amaranthaceae Alternanthera pungens Khaki Weed Alternanthera repens introduced Photo(s)
Amaranthaceae Ptilotus erubescens Hairy Heads, Hairy Tails No Photos Found
Amaryllidaceae Crinum flaccidum Darling Lily, Macquarie Lily, Murray Lily Photo(s)
Apiaceae Actinotus helianthi Flannel Flower Photo(s)
Apiaceae Conium maculatum Hemlock introduced Photo(s)
Apiaceae Daucus glochidiatus form D Native Carrot Daucus glochidiatus form, Daucus glochidiatus Photo(s)
Apocynaceae Oxypetalum coeruleum introduced Photo(s)
Araliaceae Astrotricha linearis Photo(s)
Asparagaceae Arthropodium fimbriatum Nodding Chocolate Lily Dichopogon fimbriatus, Dichopogon sieberianus, Dichopogon fimbriatum Photo(s)
Asparagaceae Arthropodium milleflorum Pale Vanilla-lily Arthropodium paniculatum Photo(s)
Asparagaceae Arthropodium minus Photo(s)
Asparagaceae Asparagus asparagoides Bridal Creeper, Florist's Smilax Myrsiphyllum asparagoides introduced gazetted weed Photo(s)
Asparagaceae Asparagus officinalis Asparagus introduced Photo(s)
Asparagaceae Laxmannia gracilis Slender Wire Lily Photo(s)
Asparagaceae Lomandra multiflora subsp. multiflora Many-flowered Mat-rush Photo(s)
Asphodelaceae Asphodelus fistulosus Onion Weed, Asphodel, Wild Onion introduced Photo(s)
Asphodelaceae Bulbine bulbosa Native Leek, Bulbine Lily, Golden Lily, Native Onion Bulbinopsis bulbosa Photo(s)
Asphodelaceae Stypandra glauca Nodding Blue Lily Stypandra latifolia, Stypandra imbricata, Stypandra grandiflora Photo(s)
Asphodelaceae Tricoryne elatior Yellow Autumn-lily, Yellow Rush-lily Photo(s)
Asphodelaceae Xanthorrhoea glauca subsp. angustifolia Photo(s)
Aspleniaceae Asplenium flabellifolium necklace fern Photo(s)
Aspleniaceae Pleurosorus rutifolius Bristly Cloak Fern, Blanket Fern Photo(s)
Asteraceae Ambrosia psilostachya Perennial Ragweed introduced Photo(s)
Asteraceae Brachyscome debilis Weak Daisy Brachycome debilis, Brachyscome leptocarpa, Brachycome leptocarpa Photo(s)
Asteraceae Calocephalus citreus Lemon Beauty-heads Photo(s)
Asteraceae Calotis cuneifolia Purple Burr-daisy, Lachlan Calotis Photo(s)
Asteraceae Calotis lappulacea yellow burr-daisy Photo(s)
Asteraceae Chrysocephalum apiculatum subsp. odorum common everlasting, yellow buttons Helichrysum apiculatum, Helichrysum apiculatum, Helichrysum apiculatum, Helichrysum apiculatum, Helichrysum semiamplexicaule, Helichrysum flavissimum, Chrysocephalum flavissimum, Helichrysum odorum, Helichrysum odorum Photo(s)
Asteraceae Chrysocephalum semipapposum subsp. brevifolium Clustered Everlasting, Yellow Buttons Helichrysum semipapposum, Helichrysum adonidiforme, Helichrysum semipapposum, Helichrysum semipapposum, Helichrysum semipapposum, Helichrysum semipapposum, Helichrysum semipapposum, Helichrysum semipapposum, Helichrysum semipapposum, Helichrysum semipapposum, Helichrysum semipapposum Photo(s)
Asteraceae Craspedia variabilis common billy buttons Photo(s)
Asteraceae Glossocardia bidens Cobbler's Tack Glossogyne tannensis, Glossogyne tenuifolia Photo(s)
Asteraceae Helianthus ciliaris Blue Weed introduced gazetted weed Photo(s)
Asteraceae Leptorhynchos elongatus Lanky Buttons, Lanky buttons Leptorrhynchos elongatus Photo(s)
Asteraceae Leptorhynchos squamatus subsp. squamatus Photo(s)
Asteraceae Microseris lanceolata Murrnong, Yam Daisy Photo(s)
Asteraceae Minuria leptophylla Photo(s)
Asteraceae Podolepis canescens Large Copper-Wire Daisy Podolepis rubida, Podolepis aristata Photo(s)
Asteraceae Scolymus hispanicus Golden Thistle introduced gazetted weed Photo(s)
Asteraceae Senecio pinnatifolius var. pinnatifolius Variable Groundsel Senecio lautus sensu Photo(s)
Asteraceae Sigesbeckia orientalis Indian Weed Sigesbeckia orientalis Photo(s)
Asteraceae Silybum marianum Variegated Thistle Carduus marianus introduced Photo(s)
Asteraceae Urospermum picroides False Hawkbit Tragopogon picridoides introduced Photo(s)
Asteraceae Xanthium spinosum Bathurst Burr introduced gazetted weed Photo(s)
Bignoniaceae Pandorea pandorana subsp. pandorana wonga wonga vine Bignonia pandorana Photo(s)
Boraginaceae Cynoglossum australe Photo(s)
Boraginaceae Hackelia suaveolens Photo(s)
Boraginaceae Halgania brachyrhyncha Photo(s)
Boraginaceae Heliotropium europaeum Potato Weed introduced Photo(s)
Boraginaceae Heliotropium hybrid amplexicaule No Photos Found
Boraginaceae Heliotropium hybrid amplexicaule introduced No Photos Found
Brassicaceae Lepidium africanum introduced Photo(s)
Brassicaceae Lepidium bonariense introduced Photo(s)
Brassicaceae Raphanus sativus Radish introduced Photo(s)
Brassicaceae Rorippa laciniata Photo(s)
Brassicaceae Sisymbrium officinale Hedge Mustard introduced No Photos Found
Cactaceae Opuntia aurantiaca Tiger Pear introduced gazetted weed Photo(s)
Campanulaceae Isotoma hybrid axillaris No Photos Found
Campanulaceae Wahlenbergia gracilenta Annual Bluebell, Hairy Annual Bluebell No Photos Found
Campanulaceae Wahlenbergia gracilis Sprawling Bluebell, Australian Bluebell Wahlenbergia quadrifida Photo(s)
Campanulaceae Wahlenbergia graniticola Granite Bluebell Photo(s)
Campanulaceae Wahlenbergia stricta subsp. stricta Australian bluebell, tall bluebell, austral bluebell Photo(s)
Caryophyllaceae Arenaria leptoclados Lesser Thyme-leaved Sandwort Arenaria serpyllifolia, Arenaria serpyllifolia introduced No Photos Found
Caryophyllaceae Gypsophila tubulosa Annual Chalkwort introduced No Photos Found
Caryophyllaceae Silene gallica var. gallica French Catchfly introduced Photo(s)
Casuarinaceae Allocasuarina luehmannii Bulloak, Buloke Casuarina luehmannii Photo(s)
Casuarinaceae Allocasuarina verticillata Drooping Sheoak Casuarina stricta, Casuarina quadrivalvis Photo(s)
Casuarinaceae Casuarina cunninghamiana subsp. cunninghamiana River Oak, River Sheoak Photo(s)
Celastraceae Stackhousia monogyna Creamy Candles, Creamy Stackhousia Photo(s)
Celastraceae Stackhousia muricata Western Stackhousia Photo(s)
Chenopodiaceae Chenopodium desertorum subsp. anidiophyllum Photo(s)
Chenopodiaceae Dysphania pumilio Small Crumbweed Chenopodium pumilio, Chenopodium glandulosum, Chenopodium pumilio, Chenopodium pumilio, Blitum glandulosum, Blitum pumilio, Ambrina pumilio, Teloxys pumilio Photo(s)
Colchicaceae Wurmbea biglandulosa subsp. biglandulosa No Photos Found
Convolvulaceae Evolvulus alsinoides var. decumbens Photo(s)
Convolvulaceae Ipomoea purpurea Common Morning Glory introduced Photo(s)
Cupressaceae Callitris endlicheri Black Cypress Pine Photo(s)
Cupressaceae Callitris glaucophylla White Cypress Pine Callitris hugelii auct. non Photo(s)
Cyperaceae Carex appressa tall sedge Photo(s)
Cyperaceae Carex inversa Photo(s)
Cyperaceae Cyperus concinnus Trim Flat-sedge Photo(s)
Cyperaceae Cyperus fulvus Sticky Sedge Mariscus fulvus, Cyperus fulvus No Photos Found
Cyperaceae Cyperus hybrid exaltatus No Photos Found
Cyperaceae Cyperus rotundus Nutgrass introduced Photo(s)
Cyperaceae Cyperus vaginatus Stiff Flat-sedge Photo(s)
Cyperaceae Isolepis hookeriana Photo(s)
Cyperaceae Isolepis victoriensis No Photos Found
Cyperaceae Lepidosperma laterale Photo(s)
Cyperaceae Scleria mackaviensis No Photos Found
Dilleniaceae Hibbertia obtusifolia Hoary guinea flower Photo(s)
Droseraceae Drosera hookeri Photo(s)
Ericaceae-Epacridoideae Melichrus urceolatus subsp. group 2 Urn-heath Photo(s)
Euphorbiaceae Adriana tomentosa var. tomentosa Mallee bitterbush Adriana urticoides Photo(s)
Euphorbiaceae Beyeria viscosa Pinkwood, Sticky wallaby Bush Photo(s)
Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia dallachyana Mat Spurge, Caustic Weed Chamaesyce dallachyana, Euphorbia minutifolia No Photos Found
Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia helioscopia Sun Spurge introduced No Photos Found
Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia lathyris Caper Spurge Euphorbia lathyrus introduced Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Caesalpinioideae Senna aciphylla Sprawling Cassia Cassia aciphylla Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Caesalpinioideae Senna barclayana Smooth Senna, Pepper-leaf Senna Cassia barclayana, Cassia sophera Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Astragalus hamosus Yellow Milk-vetch introduced No Photos Found
Fabaceae-Faboideae Cullen patens Spreading Scurf-pea, Native Verbine Psoralea patens, Psoralea eriantha Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Daviesia leptophylla Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Dillwynia sieberi Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Glycine canescens Silky Glycine, Silky Glycine Glycine sericea Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Hardenbergia violacea Purple Coral Pea, False Sarsaparilla, Waraburra Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Hovea apiculata Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Hovea lanceolata Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Indigofera adesmiifolia Tick Indigo Indigofera australis, Indigofera australis, Indigofera australis Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Lotus australis Australian Trefoil Lotus australis Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Lotus cruentus Red-flowered Lotus Lotus coccineus, Lotus coccineus Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Medicago truncatula Barrel Medic Medicago truncatula introduced No Photos Found
Fabaceae-Faboideae Pultenaea foliolosa Small-leaf Bush-pea Pultenaea stuartiana Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Pultenaea subternata Nodding Bush-pea Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Swainsona galegifolia Smooth Darling-pea, Smooth Darling Pea Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Swainsona microphylla Poison Swainson-pea Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Swainsona recta Mountain Swainson-pea, Small Purple Pea threatened species Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Swainsona sericea Silky Swainson-pea, Silky Pea Swainsona oroboides threatened species Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Trifolium angustifolium Narrow-leaved Clover Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Trifolium incarnatum Crimson Clover introduced Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Trifolium tomentosum Woolly Clover introduced Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia amblygona fan wattle, fan-leaf wattle Racosperma amblygonum, Acacia nernstii Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia amoena boomerang wattle Racosperma amoenum Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia cremiflora Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia dealbata subsp. dealbata silver wattle, blue wattle, mimosa Racosperma dealbatum, Racosperma dealbatum, Acacia puberula, Acacia decurrens, Acacia decurrens Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia decora western silver wattle, showy wattle Racosperma decorum, Acacia caleyi, Acacia buxifolia, Acacia decora, Acacia decora, Acacia decora Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia hakeoides hakea wattle Racosperma hakeoides Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia hybrid buxifolia subsp. buxifolia No Photos Found
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia hybrid decora & vestita No Photos Found
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia hybrid implexa No Photos Found
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia hybrid ixiophylla No Photos Found
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia leucoclada subsp. leucoclada Northern Silver Wattle Racosperma leucocladum Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia linearifolia narrow-leaved wattle Acacia murrumboensis, Racosperma linearifolium Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia penninervis var. penninervis mountain hickory Racosperma penninerve, Racosperma penninerve, Acacia impressa, Acacia penninervis Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia polybotrya western silver wattle, hairy feather wattle Racosperma polybotryum, Acacia polybotrya Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia pravifolia coil-pod wattle Racosperma pravifolium Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia rubida red-stemmed wattle, red leaved wattle, red leaf wattle Racosperma rubidum Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia vestita weeping boree Racosperma vestitum Photo(s)
Gentianaceae Sebaea ovata Yellow Centaury Photo(s)
Geraniaceae Erodium crinitum Blue Storksbill, Blue Crowfoot Photo(s)
Geraniaceae Geranium gardneri Rough Crane's-bill Geranium No Photos Found
Geraniaceae Geranium purpureum subsp. purpureum introduced Photo(s)
Geraniaceae Pelargonium australe Native Storksbill, Wild Geranium Photo(s)
Goodeniaceae Dampiera lanceolata var. lanceolata Grooved Dampiera Photo(s)
Goodeniaceae Dampiera purpurea Photo(s)
Goodeniaceae Goodenia glabra Photo(s)
Goodeniaceae Goodenia hederacea forest goodenia, ivy goodenia Photo(s)
Goodeniaceae Goodenia hederacea subsp. hederacea forest goodenia, ivy goodenia Photo(s)
Goodeniaceae Goodenia ovata hop goodenia Photo(s)
Goodeniaceae Goodenia pinnatifida Photo(s)
Goodeniaceae Velleia arguta Photo(s)
Haloragaceae Gonocarpus elatus Photo(s)
Haloragaceae Haloragis serra No Photos Found
Juncaceae Juncus articulatus introduced Photo(s)
Juncaceae Juncus bufonius Toad Rush Juncus plebeius, Juncus plebeius Photo(s)
Juncaceae Juncus homalocaulis No Photos Found
Juncaceae Juncus sarophorus Photo(s)
Juncaceae Juncus subglaucus No Photos Found
Juncaceae Luzula meridionalis Photo(s)
Lamiaceae Ajuga australis austral bugle Photo(s)
Lamiaceae Marrubium vulgare white horehound introduced Photo(s)
Lamiaceae Prostanthera nivea Snowy Mint-bush Photo(s)
Lamiaceae Prostanthera nivea var. nivea Snowy Mint-bush Photo(s)
Lamiaceae Salvia verbenaca Vervain Salvia clandestina, Salvia horminoides introduced Photo(s)
Lamiaceae Scutellaria humilis Dwarf Skullcap Photo(s)
Lamiaceae Stachys arvensis Stagger Weed introduced Photo(s)
Lamiaceae Teucrium daucoides No Photos Found
Lamiaceae Westringia eremicola Slender Westringia, Slender Western Rosemary Westringia eremicola, Westringia longifolia Photo(s)
Linaceae Linum marginale native flax, wild flax Photo(s)
Loranthaceae Amyema miquelii Photo(s)
Loranthaceae Amyema miraculosa Photo(s)
Loranthaceae Amyema miraculosa subsp. boormanii Photo(s)
Loranthaceae Amyema pendula subsp. longifolia Photo(s)
Malvaceae Brachychiton populneus subsp. populneus Kurrajong Brachychiton populneum Photo(s)
Malvaceae Hibiscus tridactylites Narrow Leaf Bladder Ketmia Photo(s)
Malvaceae Pavonia hastata introduced Photo(s)
Malvaceae Sida cunninghamii Ridged Sida Sida pedunculata Photo(s)
Malvaceae Sida petrophila Photo(s)
Montiaceae Calandrinia eremaea Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Angophora floribunda Apple, Rough-barked Apple Eucalyptus florida, Angophora ochrophylla, Metrosideros floribunda, Angophora intermedia Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus albens White Box Eucalyptus albens, Eucalyptus hemiphloia Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus blakelyi subsp. blakelyi Blakely's Red Gum Eucalyptus blakelyi Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus bridgesiana Apple Box Eucalyptus saxicola, Eucalyptus stuartiana, Eucalyptus bridgesiana Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus camaldulensis subsp. camaldulensis River Gum, River Red Gum Eucalyptus rostrata Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus conica Fuzzy Box Eucalyptus baueriana Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus dealbata Tumbledown Red Gum Eucalyptus tereticornis Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus macrorhyncha Red Stringybark Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus melliodora Yellow Box Eucalyptus melliodora, Eucalyptus forsythii Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Harmogia densifolia Photo(s)
Oleaceae Jasminum lineare Desert Jasmine Photo(s)
Oleaceae Ligustrum lucidum Large-leaved Privet introduced gazetted weed Photo(s)
Oleaceae Notelaea microcarpa var. microcarpa Native Olive Photo(s)
Oleaceae Olea europaea subsp. cuspidata Common Olive introduced gazetted weed Photo(s)
Onagraceae Oenothera stricta subsp. stricta introduced Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Caladenia filamentosa var. filamentosa Daddy Long-legs Jonesiopsis filamentosa, Calonema filamentosum, Calonema filamentosum, Calonemorchis filamentosa, Caladenia filamentosa Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Caladenia tentaculata Green Comb, Fringed Spider Orchid Arachnorchis tentaculata Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Calochilus robertsonii Purplish Beard Orchid Calochilus imberbis, Calochilus stramenicola, Calochilus uliginosus, Calochilus russeus Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Corybas diemenicus Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Diuris hybrid x polymorpha No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Diuris platichila Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Glossodia major Waxlip Orchid Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Pterostylis curta Blunt Greenhood Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Pterostylis mutica Midget Greenhood Hymenochilus muticus Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Pterostylis revoluta Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Thelymitra megcalyptra Scented Sun Orchid Thelymitra megacalyptra Photo(s)
Papaveraceae Papaver aculeatum Native Poppy, Bristle Poppy introduced No Photos Found
Papaveraceae Papaver dubium Longhead Poppy introduced Photo(s)
Papaveraceae Papaver hybridum Rough Poppy introduced Photo(s)
Phrymaceae Thyridia repens Creeping Monkey-flower Mimulus repens Photo(s)
Phyllanthaceae Phyllanthus hirtellus Thyme Spurge Phyllanthus thymoides, Phyllanthus hirtellus, Phyllanthus hirtellus Photo(s)
Phyllanthaceae Phyllanthus occidentalis No Photos Found
Phyllanthaceae Phyllanthus similis No Photos Found
Phyllanthaceae Phyllanthus virgatus Photo(s)
Plantaginaceae Kickxia elatine Pointed Toadflax introduced Photo(s)
Plantaginaceae Kickxia elatine subsp. crinita Pointed Toadflax introduced Photo(s)
Plantaginaceae Misopates orontium Lesser Snapdragon Antirrhinum orontium introduced Photo(s)
Plantaginaceae Plantago hispida Photo(s)
Plantaginaceae Veronica persica Creeping Speedwell introduced Photo(s)
Poaceae Anthosachne rectiseta No Photos Found
Poaceae Aristida personata Purple Wire-grass Aristida ramosa No Photos Found
Poaceae Aristida ramosa Purple Wiregrass Photo(s)
Poaceae Austrostipa bigeniculata Photo(s)
Poaceae Austrostipa flavescens Photo(s)
Poaceae Austrostipa nodosa Photo(s)
Poaceae Austrostipa setacea Corkscrew Grass Stipa setacea No Photos Found
Poaceae Bromus molliformis Soft Brome introduced No Photos Found
Poaceae Cynodon dactylon Couch, Bermudagrass Photo(s)
Poaceae Digitaria brownii Cotton Panic Grass Photo(s)
Poaceae Digitaria diffusa Open Summer-grass No Photos Found
Poaceae Digitaria divaricatissima Umbrella Grass, Umbrella Grass Photo(s)
Poaceae Digitaria sanguinalis Summer Grass, Crab Grass introduced No Photos Found
Poaceae Echinopogon caespitosus Bushy Hedgehog-grass Photo(s)
Poaceae Enteropogon acicularis Photo(s)
Poaceae Eragrostis brownii Brown's Lovegrass Photo(s)
Poaceae Eragrostis lacunaria Purple Love-grass, Purple Lovegrass No Photos Found
Poaceae Leptochloa digitata Umbrella Canegrass Photo(s)
Poaceae Panicum decompositum Native Millet Panicum decompositum, Panicum decompositum, Panicum decompositum Photo(s)
Poaceae Phalaris minor Lesser Canary Grass introduced Photo(s)
Poaceae Poa bulbosa Bulbous Poa introduced Photo(s)
Poaceae Poa sieberiana Photo(s)
Poaceae Polypogon monspeliensis Annual Beardgrass introduced Photo(s)
Poaceae Rytidosperma bipartitum Wallaby Grass Rytidosperma linkii, Rytidosperma linkii, Austrodanthonia bipartita, Danthonia linkii No Photos Found
Poaceae Sorghum halepense Johnson Grass introduced gazetted weed Photo(s)
Polygonaceae Persicaria lapathifolia Pale Knotweed Polygonum lapathifolium, Polygonum lanigerum, Persicaria lapathifolia Photo(s)
Polygonaceae Polygonum plebeium Small Knotweed Polygonum plebium Photo(s)
Polygonaceae Rumex conglomeratus Clustered Dock introduced Photo(s)
Polygonaceae Rumex hybrid tenax No Photos Found
Primulaceae Lysimachia arvensis Scarlet Pimpernel, Blue Pimpernel Anagallis arvensis, Anagallis arvensis, Anagallis arvensis, Anagallis caerulea introduced Photo(s)
Proteaceae Persoonia rigida Photo(s)
Proteaceae Persoonia sericea Photo(s)
Pteridaceae Cheilanthes austrotenuifolia Rock Fern Photo(s)
Pteridaceae Cheilanthes distans bristly cloak fern Photo(s)
Pteridaceae Cheilanthes sieberi subsp. sieberi Photo(s)
Ranunculaceae Clematis glycinoides Headache Vine, Guwalyari (D'harawal) Clematis glycinoides Photo(s)
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus muricatus Sharp Buttercup introduced No Photos Found
Rhamnaceae Cryptandra amara Bitter cryptandra Cryptandra amara, Cryptandra sieberi, Cryptandra amara Photo(s)
Rhamnaceae Cryptandra sp. Floriferous (W.R.Barker 4131) Photo(s)
Rosaceae Prunus persica Peach, Nectarine Amygdalus persica introduced No Photos Found
Rubiaceae Galium gaudichaudii subsp. gaudichaudii Rough Bedstraw Photo(s)
Rubiaceae Pomax umbellata Photo(s)
Rutaceae Correa glabra var. leucoclada Rock Correa Photo(s)
Santalaceae Exocarpos cupressiformis Cherry Ballart, Native Cherry Photo(s)
Santalaceae Notothixos cornifolius Kurrajong Mistletoe Photo(s)
Santalaceae Santalum acuminatum sweet quandong, desert quandong, native peach Fusanus acuminatus, Santalum densiflorum, Eucarya acuminata Photo(s)
Santalaceae Santalum lanceolatum Northern Sandalwood Santalum megacarpum, Santalum leptocladum, Santalum lanceolatum Photo(s)
Sapindaceae Dodonaea boroniifolia Fern-leaf Hop-bush Photo(s)
Sapindaceae Dodonaea viscosa subsp. cuneata Sticky Hop-bush Photo(s)
Sapindaceae Dodonaea viscosa subsp. spatulata Sticky Hop-bush Photo(s)
Scrophulariaceae Eremophila debilis Winter Apple, Amulla Myoporum debile Photo(s)
Scrophulariaceae Eremophila longifolia Berrigan, Emubush Photo(s)
Scrophulariaceae Myoporum acuminatum Boobialla Myoporum cunninghamii Photo(s)
Scrophulariaceae Myoporum montanum Western Boobialla, Water Bush Photo(s)
Solanaceae Datura hybrid ferox introduced No Photos Found
Solanaceae Nicotiana glauca Tree Tobacco introduced Photo(s)
Solanaceae Nicotiana suaveolens Native Tobacco Nicotiana undulata, Nicotiana exigua Photo(s)
Solanaceae Nierembergia hippomanica introduced No Photos Found
Solanaceae Physalis longifolia Perennial Ground Cherry Physalis virginiana introduced No Photos Found
Solanaceae Solanum cinereum Narrawa Burr Solanum Photo(s)
Solanaceae Solanum opacum Green berry nightshade No Photos Found
Thymelaeaceae Pimelea curviflora var. sericea Photo(s)
Verbenaceae Glandularia aristigera Mayne's Pest Verbena aristigera, Verbena tenuisecta, Verbena tenera introduced Photo(s)
Verbenaceae Verbena africana Photo(s)
Verbenaceae Verbena bonariensis Purpletop Verbena bonariensis, Verbena bonariensis introduced Photo(s)
Verbenaceae Verbena incompta Purpletop introduced Photo(s)
Vitaceae Clematicissus opaca Pepper Vine Cissus opaca Photo(s)