Pippas Pass
Angiospermae Monocotyledones

The list was obtained by combining a list of plants identified on a walk on October 2015 by members of the Blue Mountains group and a list of plants identified by Helen Yoxall on another walk in May 2019

Family Genus Species Common Names Other Names Comments Photos
CyperaceaeCaustisCaustis flexuosaCurly WigCaustis restiaceaPhotos: 1, 2, 3
CyperaceaeGahniaGahnia sieberianaRed-fruit Saw-sedgeGahnia tetragonocarpa, Gahnia sieberana, Gahnia breviaristataPhoto
LomandraceaeLomandraLomandra brevisTufted Mat-RushNo Photos found
LomandraceaeLomandraLomandra longifoliaSpiny-headed Mat-rush, Honey ReedLomandra longifolia subsp. exilis, Lomandra longifolia subsp. longifolia, Lomandra longifoliaPhotos: 1, 2, 3, 4
LomandraceaeLomandraLomandra obliquaPhoto
OrchidaceaeCaladeniaCaladenia testaceaHoney CaladeniaStegostyla testaceaNo Photos found
OrchidaceaeCryptostylisCryptostylis erectaBonnet Orchid, Tartan Tongue OrchidNo Photos found
OrchidaceaeCryptostylisCryptostylis subulataLarge Tongue OrchidNo Photos found
PhormiaceaeDianellaDianella caeruleaBlue Flax-lilyPhotos: 1, 2, 3
SmilacaceaeSmilaxSmilax glyciphyllaSweet SarsaparillaNo Photos found
XanthorrhoeaceaeXanthorrhoeaXanthorrhoea mediaGrass Tree, Gulgadya (Cadigal)No Photos found