Pippas Pass
Pteropsida (Ferns)

The list was obtained by combining a list of plants identified on a walk on October 2015 by members of the Blue Mountains group and a list of plants identified by Helen Yoxall on another walk in May 2019

Family Genus Species Common Names Other Names Comments Photos
CyatheaceaeCyatheaCyathea australisBlack Tree-fern, Rough Tree-fernNo Photos found
DennstaedtiaceaePteridiumPteridium esculentumCommon Bracken, Gurgi (Cadigal), Austral Bracken, BrackenNo Photos found
DicksoniaceaeCalochlaenaCalochlaena dubiaRainbow FernCulcita dubiaNo Photos found
GleicheniaceaeSticherusSticherus flabellatusUmbrella Fern, Shiny Fan FernNo Photos found
LindsaeaceaeLindsaeaLindsaea microphyllaLacy Wedge FernNo Photos found
OsmundaceaeTodeaTodea barbaraKing FernNo Photos found