Glenbrook Native Plant Reserve

Glenbrook Native Plant Reserve is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Australian Plants, in particular those indigenous in the Blue Mountains.

The 2 ha reserve was established in 1967 and has been maintained by volunteers from the Australian Plants Society, Blue Mountains Group. Over 2,000 hours of volunteer work per annum preserves a valuable remnant of Lower Blue Mountains flora.

The reserve has about 300 species of native plants, about 80 of which are enrichment plantings of the Blue Mountains species. For a list of these species click here.

One of the most prolific and spectacular plants is Boronia fraseri which flowers in spring.

Over 200 plants in the reserve are labelled. Further information about these and other plants can be found in the extensive library in the visitor information centre.

A map of the reserve is included in the links at the top of this page.

Reserve Entrance Gates
Entrance gates installed in September 2009 in memory of Evan Weatherhead - a volunteer who worked for many years in the reserve