Glenbrook Native Plant Reserve - Dry Ridge Trail

Dry Ridge Trail

The eastern end of the Dry Ridge Trail departs from the Crowea Trail. It goes up towards the northern boundary of the reserve and then winds along towards the west. It then goes down and rejoins the western end of the Crowea trail at the junction with the Eriostemon Trail at "Hamilton's Corner". At prsent there are no signs indicating the Dry Ridge Trail.

Starting from the eastern end the following plants are labelled:

Side of path Botanical Name Common Name
Left Westringia longifolia Long-leaved Westringia
Left Pimelea linifolia Slender Rice Flower
Right Scaevola ramosissima Purple Fan-flower
Right Cryptostylis subulata Large Tongue Orchid

Dry Ridge Trail

Side of path Botanical Name Common Name
Right Acacia terminalis Sunshine Wattle
Right Acacia linifolia Flax leaf Wattle
Right Lindsaea microphylla Lacy Wedge Fern
Left Dodonaea pinnata
Left Platysace linearifolia
Right Baeckea diosmifolia Heath Myrtle

Dry Ridge Trail

Side of path Botanical Name Common Name
Right Grevillea buxifolia subsp. Grey Spider Flower
Right Podolobium ilicifolium Native Holly
Left Bossiaea obcordata Spiny Bossiaea
Right Eucalyptus notabilis Blue Mts Mahogany

Old Hamilton's Corner sign
The Dry Ridge trail finishes at Hamilton's Corner where this old sign used to be.

The Crowea Trail and Eriostemon Trail also meet at Hamilton's Corner.