Glenbrook Native Plant Reserve - Eriostemon Trail

The Eriostemon Trail

The Eriostemon Trail, on the northern side of the reserve, near the Knapsack Bridge on the north side creek and goes in a westerly direction till it meets the Tea Tree Trail and then a few metres on to the junction of the Dry Ridge Trail and the Crowea Trail at Hamilton's Corner.

Starting from near the Knapsack Bridge the following plants are labelled:

Side of path Botanical Name Common Name
Right Leptospermum trinervium Flaky-barked Tea-tree
Right Lomatia silaifolia Crinkle Bush
Left Banksia spinulosa Hairpin Banksia
Right Ozothamnus diosmifolius Rice Flower
Left Lomandra longifolia Spiny-headed Mat-rush

Lomandra longifolia can be seen on both sides of the path on the Eriostemon Trail.

Side of path Botanical Name Common Name
Left Dianella caerulea Blue Flax-lily
Right Notelaea longifolia Large Mock-olive
Right Philotheca myoporoides Long-leaf Wax Flower
Left Lomandra multiflora subsp. multiflora Many-flowered Mat-rush
Left Petrophile pedunculata Conesticks
Left Boronia fraseri
Right Eucalyptus sclerophylla Hard-leaved Scribbly Gum

Eucalyptus sclerophylla
Eucalyptus sclerophylla on the right with Boronia fraseri. It is near here that the initial plant of Boronia Fraseri was planted many years ago. It has now spread through most of the reserve. Boronia fraseri occurs locally - there are many along Campfire Creek for example.

Side of path Botanical Name Common Name
Left Pittosporum undulatum Sweet Pittosporum
Right Howittia trilocularis
Right Banksia serrata Old-man Banksia

The Eriostemon Trail finishes at the junction with the Dry Ridge Trail and the Eriostemon Trail.