Glenbrook Native Plant Reserve - Weed List

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Class/Family Botanical Name Common Name(s) Origin
Asteraceae Ageratina adenophora Crofton Weed Central America
Simaroubaceae Ailanthus altissima Tree of Heaven China
Basellaceae Anredera cordifolia Madeira Vine South America
Apocynaceae Araujia hortorum Moth vine Peru
Asparagaceae Asparagus aethiopicus Asparagus fern South Africa
Asparagaceae Asparagus asparagoides Bridal Creeper South Africa
Asteraceae Bidens pilosa Cobbler's pegs, Farmer's friend Temperate and tropical America
Poaceae Briza subaristata Shivery Grass South America
Asteraceae Coreopsis lanceolata Coreopsis North America
Malaceae Cotoneaster glaucophyllus Cotoneaster China
Iridaceae Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora Montbretia A hybrid of two tropical South African species and originally produced in France
Cyperaceae Cyperus sesquiflorus Sedge Native of tropical regions
Iridaceae Dietes iridioides African Iris, Fortnight Lily Africa
Poaceae Ehrharta erecta Panic Veldtgrass South Africa
Poaceae Eragrostis curvula African Lovegrass South Africa
Asteraceae Erigeron karvinskianus Bony-tip Fleabane America
Asteraceae Freesia hybrid Freesia Southern Africa
Rubiaceae Gallium aparine Goosegrass, Cleavers Europe
Verbenaceae Lantana camara Lantana Tropical South America
Liliaceae Lilium formosan Formosan Lily China and Japan
Caprifoliaceae Lonicera japonica Japanese honeysuckle China and Japan
Oleaceae Ligustrum lucidum Large-leaved privet China and Japan
Oleaceae Ligustrum sinense Small-leaved privet Native to Asia
Ochnaceae Ochna serrulata Mickey mouse plant South Africa
Passifloraceae Passiflora suberosa Cork Passionflower, Small Passionfruit South America
Malvaceae Pavonia hastata South America
Phyllanthaceae Phyllanthus tenellus Hen and Chicken Madagascar
Rosaceae Rubus anglocandicans Blackberry Britain
Lycopsida Selaginella kraussiana Selaginella South Africa
Caesalpinioideae Senna pendula Cassia South America
Malvaceae Sida rhombifolia Paddy's Lucerne Native of trop. regions
Solanaceae Solanum mauritianum Wild Tobacco Bush South America
Caryophyllaceae Stellaria media Common Chickweed Northern Hemisphere
Asteraceae Taraxacum officinale Dandelion Europe
Commelinaceae Tradescantia fluminensis Trad, Wandering Jew South America