Darks Common Plant List

Photos are from the Australian National Botanic Gardens Australian Plants Image Index website.
Where there are subspecies sometimes the species link in Plantnet has a link to the subspecies.
The Image index link may also have photos of subspecies or varieties but they they can also be found by searching for them directly on the ANBG Image website.

These plants were identified by Ms J.Dark, botanist, Ms. M.Birmingham, bush regenerater and Mr R.Turner B.Sc(For) Dip.For, a consultant forester.

Family Genus & Species Subspecies etc Common Names Synonymns Comment Photo(s)
Anacardiaceae Toxicodendron succedaneum Rhus Tree Rhus succedanea Weed: Origin East Asia Photo(s)
Apiaceae Actinotus helianthi Flannel Flower Photo(s)
Apiaceae Platysace linearifolia Photo(s)
Apiaceae Xanthosia pilosa Woolly Xanthosia Xanthosia diffusa, Xanthosia vestita Photo(s)
Apocynaceae Araujia sericifera Moth Vine, Mothplant Araujia hortorum Weed: Origin Peru Photo(s)
Araliaceae Astrotricha latifolia Photo(s)
Asparagaceae Asparagus aethiopicus Ground Asparagus, Asparagus 'Fern' Asparagus aethiopicus 'Sprengeri', Protasparagus aethiopicus Weed: Origin South Africa Photo(s)
Asparagaceae Asparagus asparagoides Bridal Creeper, Florist's Smilax Myrsiphyllum asparagoides Weed: Origin South Africa Photo(s)
Asparagaceae Chlorophytum comosum Spider Plant, Ribbon Plant Weed: Origin Se Africa Photo(s)
Asparagaceae Eustrephus latifolius Wombat Berry Photo(s)
Asparagaceae Laxmannia gracilis Slender Wire Lily Photo(s)
Asparagaceae Lomandra sp Photo(s)
Asphodelaceae Caesia parviflora Pale Grass-lily Photo(s)
Asphodelaceae Dianella caerulea Blue Flax-lily Photo(s)
Asphodelaceae Dianella revoluta Blueberry Lily, Blue Flax-Lily Photo(s)
Asphodelaceae Xanthorrhoea sp Photo(s)
Aspleniaceae Asplenium flabellifolium necklace fern Photo(s)
Asteraceae Bidens pilosa Cobblers Pegs, Pitch-forks, Teasers (L.H.I.) Weed: Origin Temperate & Tropical America Photo(s)
Asteraceae Brachyscome sp Photo(s)
Asteraceae Cassinia sp No Photos Found
Asteraceae Conyza sp Weed: Origin America No Photos Found
Asteraceae Coreopsis lanceolata Coreopsis Weed: Origin North America Photo(s)
Asteraceae Hypochaeris radicata Catsear, Flatweed Weed: Origin Europe Photo(s)
Asteraceae Olearia microphylla Photo(s)
Asteraceae Ozothamnus diosmifolius rice flower, white dogwood, pill flower, sago bush Helichrysum diosmifolium Photo(s)
Asteraceae Senecio madagascariensis Fireweed Senecio Weed: Origin South Africa Photo(s)
Asteraceae Sonchus oleraceus Common Sowthistle Weed: Origin Europe Photo(s)
Asteraceae Taraxacum officinale Dandelion, Pissabed Taraxacum dens-leonis Weed: Origin Europe Photo(s)
Bignoniaceae Pandorea pandorana wonga wonga vine Bignonia pandorana Photo(s)
Blechnaceae Blechnum cartilagineum gristle fern, soft water fern Photo(s)
Blechnaceae Blechnum minus Soft Water Fern Photo(s)
Blechnaceae Blechnum nudum fishbone water fern Photo(s)
Blechnaceae Doodia caudata small rasp fern Blechnum spinulosum Photo(s)
Campanulaceae Lobelia sp Photo(s)
Campanulaceae Wahlenbergia gracilis Sprawling Bluebell, Australian Bluebell Wahlenbergia quadrifida Photo(s)
Cannaceae Canna indica Tous-les-mois Arrowroot Weed: Origin South America Photo(s)
Caprifoliaceae Lonicera japonica Japanese Honeysuckle Weed: Origin China & Japan Photo(s)
Casuarinaceae Allocasuarina torulosa Forest Oak Casuarina torulosa Photo(s)
Commelinaceae Tradescantia fluminensis Trad, Wandering Spiderwort Tradescantia albiflora Weed: Origin South America Photo(s)
Convolvulaceae Ipomoea indica Morning Glory Weed: Origin Tropical Regions Photo(s)
Convolvulaceae Polymeria calycina Photo(s)
Crassulaceae Bryophyllum delagoense Mother-of-millions Bryophyllum tubiflorum, Kalanchoe delagoense, Kalanchoe tubiflora Weed: Origin South Africa, Madagascar Photo(s)
Cunoniaceae Ceratopetalum gummiferum New South Wales Christmas-bush, Christmas Bush Photo(s)
Cyperaceae Schoenus melanostachys Black Bog-rush Schoenus melanostyachys Photo(s)
Dennstaedtiaceae Dennstaedtia davallioides Lacy Ground Fern Photo(s)
Dilleniaceae Hibbertia Rough Guinea Flower Photo(s)
Dilleniaceae Hibbertia diffusa Wedge Guinea Flower Photo(s)
Dilleniaceae Hibbertia pedunculata Photo(s)
Droseraceae Drosera auriculata Photo(s)
Droseraceae Drosera spatulata Photo(s)
Elaeocarpaceae Elaeocarpus reticulatus Blueberry Ash, Ash Quandong, Blue Olive berry, Fairy Petticoats, Fringe Tree, Koda, Lily of the valley Tree, Scrub Ash Photo(s)
Ericaceae-Epacridoideae Dracophyllum secundum Photo(s)
Ericaceae-Epacridoideae Epacris microphylla Coast Coral Heath, Coral Heath Epacris longespinulosa, Epacris walteri Photo(s)
Ericaceae-Epacridoideae Leucopogon lanceolatus No Photos Found
Ericaceae-Epacridoideae Leucopogon muticus Blunt Beard-heath Photo(s)
Ericaceae-Epacridoideae Lissanthe strigosa Peach Heath Photo(s)
Ericaceae-Epacridoideae Melichrus procumbens Jam Tarts Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Caesalpinioideae Senna pendula Weed: Origin South America Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Bossiaea obcordata Spiny Bossiaea Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Bossiaea rhombifolia Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Daviesia ulicifolia Gorse Bitter Pea Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Dillwynia retorta var retorta Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Glycine clandestina Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Gompholobium grandiflorum large wedge pea Gompholobium glaucescens Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Gompholobium latifolium Golden Glory Pea Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Gompholobium minus Dwarf Wedge Pea Gompholobium tetrathecoides Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Hardenbergia violacea Purple Coral Pea, False Sarsaparilla, Waraburra Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Hovea linearis Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Kennedia rubicunda Dusky Coral Pea Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Podolobium ilicifolium Prickly Shaggy Pea Oxylobium ilicifolium, Podolobium staurophyllum Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Pultenaea ferruginea var ferruginea Large Bronze Bush-pea Pultenaea deanei Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Pultenaea flexilis Graceful Bush-pea Dillwynia teucrioides, Pultenaea sweetii, Pultenaea villosa Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Trifolium repens White Clover Weed: Origin Mediterranian Regions Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Faboideae Vicia sp Weed: Origin North Africa, Mediterranian & Asia No Photos Found
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia amoena boomerang wattle Racosperma amoenum Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia brownii heath wattle, prickly Moses Acacia acicularis, Acacia brownei orth., Acacia juniperina, Acacia pugioniformis, Acacia ulicifolia, Mimosa brownii Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia falcata hickory wattle, sally, sickle wattle Mimosa obliqua, Racosperma falcatum Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia hispidula little harsh acacia , rough-leaved acacia , rough hairy wattle Mimosa hispidula, Racosperma hispidulum Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia implexa hickory wattle, weetjellan (D'harawal), lightwood Racosperma implexum Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia linifolia white wattle Acacia abietina, Acacia linearis, Mimosa abietina, Mimosa linearis, Mimosa linifolia, Racosperma linifolium Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia longifolia Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia parramattensis Parramatta wattle, Sydney green wattle Acacia sulcipes, Racosperma parramattense Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia parvipinnula silver-stemmed wattle Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia suaveolens sweet wattle Acacia angustifolia, Mimosa obliqua, Mimosa suaveolens, Racosperma suaveolens Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia terminalis sunshine wattle Acacia discolor, Acacia maritima, Acacia paniculata, Mimosa botrycephala, Mimosa discolor, Racosperma terminale Photo(s)
Fabaceae-Mimosoideae Acacia ulicifolia prickly Moses Acacia juniperina, Acacia verticillata, Mimosa juniperina, Racosperma ulicifolium Photo(s)
Geraniaceae Pelargonium inodorum Photo(s)
Gleicheniaceae Gleichenia sp No Photos Found
Goodeniaceae Goodenia decurrens Photo(s)
Goodeniaceae Goodenia hederacea forest goodenia, ivy goodenia Photo(s)
Goodeniaceae Goodenia heterophylla Photo(s)
Goodeniaceae Goodenia ovata hop goodenia Photo(s)
Goodeniaceae Goodenia stelligera Spiked Goodenia Photo(s)
Goodeniaceae Scaevola ramosissima Purple Fan-flower, Snake Flower Scaevola hispida Photo(s)
Iridaceae Patersonia glabrata Leafy Purple-flag, Bugulbi (Cadigal) Photo(s)
Iridaceae Patersonia sericea silky purple-flag Photo(s)
Lamiaceae Plectranthus parviflorus cockspur flower Coleus australis Photo(s)
Lauraceae Cinnamomum camphora camphor laurel Weed: Origin China & Japan Photo(s)
Lindsaeaceae Lindsaea microphylla Lacy Wedge Fern Photo(s)
Loganiaceae Logania albiflora Photo(s)
Loganiaceae Mitrasacme polymorpha Photo(s)
Lomariopsidaceae Nephrolepis cordifolia Fishbone Fern, Herringbone Fern, Sword Fern, Tuberous Sword Fern, Narrow Sword Fern, Erect Sword Fern, Tuber Ladder Fern Aspidium cordifolium, Aspidium tuberosum, Nephrolepis auriculata, Polypodium cordifolium Weed: Origin Northern Coastal Nsw Photo(s)
Malvaceae Lasiopetalum ferrugineum No Photos Found
Malvaceae Pavonia hastata Weed: Origin South America Photo(s)
Malvaceae Sida rhombifolia Paddy's Lucerne Sida insularis Weed: Origin Native Of Trop. Regions Photo(s)
Moraceae Ficus rubiginosa Port Jackson Fig, Rusty Fig Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Angophora bakeri Narrow-leaved Apple Eucalyptus angustata Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Angophora costata Sydney Red Gum, Rusty Gum, Smooth-barked Apple Angophora lanceolata Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Backhousia myrtifolia grey myrtle, ironwood Backhousia australis, Backhousia riparia Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Callistemon linearis Narrow-leaved Bottlebrush Metrosideros glandulosa, Metrosideros linearis Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Corymbia eximia yellow bloodwood Eucalyptus eximia Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Corymbia gummifera red bloodwood Eucalyptus corymbosa, Eucalyptus gummifera Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus agglomerata Blue-leaved Stringybark Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus globoidea White Stringybark Eucalyptus oblonga, Eucalyptus tumescens Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus notabilis mountain mahogany Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus oblonga Narrow-leaved Stringybark, Sandstone Stringybark Eucalyptus deformis Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus piperita Sydney Peppermint Eucalyptus bottii Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus punctata grey gum Eucalyptus tereticornis Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus racemosa Narrow-leaved Scribbly Gum, Snappy Gum Eucalyptus haemastoma, Eucalyptus haemostoma, Eucalyptus micrantha, Eucalyptus sclerophylla Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Eucalyptus tereticornis Forest Red Gum, Buringoa (D'harawal) Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Gaudium trinervium Flaky-barked Tea-tree, Slender Tea-tree Leptospermum attenuatum, Leptospermum stellatum, Leptospermum trinervium No Photos Found
Myrtaceae Leptospermum polygalifolium Tantoon, Jellybush, Jelly Bush Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Syncarpia glomulifera turpentine Photo(s)
Myrtaceae Tristaniopsis laurina water gum, kanooka, kanuka Tristania laurina Photo(s)
Ochnaceae Ochna serrulata Mickey Mouse Plant Diporidium serrulatum Weed: Origin South Africa Photo(s)
Oleaceae Ligustrum sinense Small-leaved Privet Weed: Origin Native To Asia Photo(s)
Oleaceae Olea europaea subsp. cuspidata Common Olive Weed: Origin Africa & Asia Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Acianthus fornicatus Pixie Caps Acianthus ledwardii Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Caladenia carnea Pink Fairy, Pink Fingers Caladenia atkinsonii, Petalochilus carneus Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Caladenia catenata White Caladenia, White Fingers Caladenia alba, Petalochilus catenatus No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Caladenia testacea Honey Caladenia Stegostyla testacea No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Caleana major Large Duck Orchid Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Calochilus campestris Copper beard orchid, Copper Beard Orchid Calochilus montanus, Calochilus pruinosus, Calochilus saprophyticus No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Cestichis reflexa No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Cymbidium suave Snake Orchid Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Dendrobium speciosum rock lily, Sydney rock orchid Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Dendrobium striolatum Streaked Rock Orchid Dockrillia banksii, Dockrillia striolata Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Dipodium punctatum Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Diuris sulphurea Tiger Orchid, Hornet Orchid Diuris latifolia Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Eriochilus cucullatus+complex No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Glossodia major Waxlip Orchid Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Lyperanthus suaveolens Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Microtis unifolia Common Onion Orchid Microtis aemula, Microtis porrifolia Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Pterostylis acuminata Pointed Greenhood, Sharp Greenhood No Photos Found
Orchidaceae Pterostylis nutans Nodding Greenhood, Parrot's Beak Orchid Photo(s)
Orchidaceae Thelymitra ixioides Dotted Sun Orchid Photo(s)
Oxalidaceae Oxalis sp Photo(s)
Papaveraceae Fumaria muralis Wall Fumitory, Fumitory Weed: Origin Europe Photo(s)
Pittosporaceae Billardiera scandens Hairy Apple Berry Billardiera angustifolia Photo(s)
Pittosporaceae Pittosporum undulatum Native Daphne, Sweet Pittosporum, Snowdrop Tree (L.H.I.), Mock Orange Photo(s)
Plantaginaceae Plantago lanceolata Lamb's Tongues, Plantain Weed: Origin Europe, North & Central Asia Photo(s)
Poaceae Andropogon virginicus Whisky Grass, Broomsedge Weed: Origin America No Photos Found
Poaceae Anisopogon avenaceus Oat Speargrass Photo(s)
Poaceae Briza maxima Quaking Grass, Giant Shivery Grass Weed: Origin Mediterranian Region Photo(s)
Poaceae Briza maxima Quaking Grass, Giant Shivery Grass Weed: Origin Mediterranian Region Photo(s)
Poaceae Briza subaristata Weed: Origin South America Photo(s)
Poaceae Bromus catharticus Prairie Grass Bromus unioloides, Bromus willdenowii Weed: Origin North America Photo(s)
Poaceae Cymbopogon refractus Barbed Wire Grass Photo(s)
Poaceae Digitaria sanguinalis Summer Grass, Crab Grass Weed: Origin Temperate Regions No Photos Found
Poaceae Echinopogon caespitosus Bushy Hedgehog-grass Photo(s)
Poaceae Ehrharta erecta Panic Veldtgrass Weed: Origin South Africa Photo(s)
Poaceae Eragrostis curvula African Lovegrass Weed: Origin South Africa Photo(s)
Poaceae Lolium sp No Photos Found
Poaceae Paspalum dilatatum Paspalum Weed: Origin South America Photo(s)
Poaceae Paspalum dilatatum Paspalum Weed: Origin South America Photo(s)
Poaceae Poa annua Winter Grass, Annual Poa Weed: Origin Europe Photo(s)
Poaceae Setaria sp Photo(s)
Poaceae Themeda triandra Kangaroo Grass Themeda australis Photo(s)
Polygalaceae Comesperma ericinum Pyramid Flower Comesperma ericinum form, Comesperma esulifolium, Comesperma hispidulum, Comesperma oblongatum, Comesperma patentifolium Photo(s)
Polygonaceae Persicaria capitata Weed: Origin Asia Photo(s)
Primulaceae Myrsine variabilis Photo(s)
Proteaceae Banksia serrata Old-man Banksia, Wiriyagan (Cadigal) Photo(s)
Proteaceae Banksia spinulosa Hairpin Banksia Photo(s)
Proteaceae Conospermum longifolium Long Leaf Smoke Bush Photo(s)
Proteaceae Grevillea mucronulata Photo(s)
Proteaceae Grevillea phylicoides Grey Spider Flower Grevillea scabrifolia Photo(s)
Proteaceae Grevillea sericea Pink Spider Flower Photo(s)
Proteaceae Hakea dactyloides Finger Hakea, Broad-leaved Hakea Photo(s)
Proteaceae Hakea sericea Needlebush Photo(s)
Proteaceae Isopogon anemonifolius broad-leaf drumsticks Photo(s)
Proteaceae Isopogon dawsonii Nepean Conebush Photo(s)
Proteaceae Lambertia formosa Mountain Devil Photo(s)
Proteaceae Lomatia silaifolia Crinkle Bush, Fern-leaved Lomatia, Parsley Bush Photo(s)
Proteaceae Persoonia levis Broad-leaved Geebung Persoonia salicina Photo(s)
Proteaceae Persoonia linearis Narrow-leaved Geebung Photo(s)
Proteaceae Petrophile pedunculata Conesticks Protea pedunculata Photo(s)
Proteaceae Xylomelum pyriforme Woody Pear, Wooden Pear, Native Pear Photo(s)
Pteridaceae Adiantum aethiopicum common maidenhair Photo(s)
Pteridaceae Adiantum hispidulum rough maidenhair fern Photo(s)
Pteridaceae Cheilanthes austrotenuifolia Rock Fern Photo(s)
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus repens Creeping Buttercup Weed: Origin Eurasia Photo(s)
Rhamnaceae Pomaderris ferruginea Rusty Pomaderris Photo(s)
Rosaceae Cotoneaster glaucophyllus Glaucous Cotoneaster, Bright Bead Cotoneaster, Cotoneaster Weed: Origin China Photo(s)
Rosaceae Pyracantha angustifolia Orange Firethorn Weed: Origin Southwestern China Photo(s)
Rosaceae Rubus anglocandicans Blackberry Weed: Origin Britain Photo(s)
Rubiaceae Gynochthodes jasminoides Sweet Morinda Morinda jasminoides Photo(s)
Rubiaceae Pomax umbellata Photo(s)
Rutaceae Boronia ledifolia Showy Boronia, Sydney Boronia, Ledum Boronia Boronia rosmarinifolia, Boronia triphylla, Boronia whitei Photo(s)
Rutaceae Philotheca hispidula No Photos Found
Rutaceae Philotheca myoporoides Long-leaf Wax Flower Photo(s)
Santalaceae Leptomeria acida Native Currant, Sour Currant Bush Photo(s)
Sapindaceae Cardiospermum grandiflorum Balloon Vine Weed: Origin T\Tropical America, West Indies & Africa Photo(s)
Sapindaceae Dodonaea triquetra Large-leaf Hop-bush Photo(s)
Sapindaceae Dodonaea truncatiales Angular Hop-bush Photo(s)
Simaroubaceae Ailanthus altissima Tree of Heaven Weed: Origin China Photo(s)
Smilacaceae Smilax glyciphylla Sweet Sarsaparilla Photo(s)
Solanaceae Solanum nigrum Black-berry Nightshade Weed: Origin Europe Photo(s)
Stylidiaceae Stylidium graminifolium Grass Trigger-plant Photo(s)
Stylidiaceae Stylidium laricifolium Giant Trigger-plant, Tree Trigger-plant Stylidium tenuifolium Photo(s)
Thelypteridaceae Christella dentata binung Cyclosorus dentatus, Cyclosorus nymphalis Photo(s)
Thymelaeaceae Pimelea linifolia Slender Rice Flower Photo(s)
Verbenaceae Lantana camara Lantana Lantana tiliifolia Weed: Origin Tropical South America Photo(s)
Verbenaceae Verbena bonariensis Purpletop Weed: Origin South America Photo(s)
Violaceae Hybanthus vernonii No Photos Found
Vitaceae Cissus hypoglauca Water Vine Photo(s)
Zamiaceae Macrozamia spiralis Photo(s)
Zingiberaceae Hedychium gardnerianum Ginger Lily Weed: Origin India Photo(s)